One More Week!

Well, I say it time and time again but now that I have a  new computer I may actually be more into blogging. Maybe I will make it a point to blog at least once a week. We shall see what happens. I know I enjoyed it when I did it on the daily.

I don’t know about you but I am excited for this baseball season. The American League West will likely be another fight to the very end. But I see no reason why my A’s can’t once again come out on top.

My personal baseball goal is to get my boyfriend to realize the greatness that is the Oakland A’s and realize that Baseball is still pure just with a few bad seeds. My Oakland A’s are a perfect example of what is so great about baseball. I’ve persuaded many and I don’t see why I can’t do it again.

Well that is all for now! Here’s to a great baseball season!!!!

Lets Go Oakland!!!!!!!!



The Oakland A’s, a team of misfits, no bodies, has-beens, never was, the list goes on and on. ESPN, MLB Network and the like all said the A’s had no chance of doing anything spectacular this year. With rookies galore it was reasonable to be a non believer. I, along with many A’s fans have always had faith in our team. But it was getting difficult to remain so optimistic when you are force fed nothing but negativity i.e. facts.

With that being said I became a first time season ticket holder. Now I’ve always gone to 20-30 games per season I just never had the money to pay all at once for season tickets. This season I had the money and I also wanted to make sure I had to be there for my team during this 100+ loss season. A true fan isn’t just there through the good times. A fan is there for the good, the bad and everything in between. Even I, the biggest optimist of them all was mentally prepared for those 100 losses. Logically I knew it was going to be very difficult to do any better than third if not last in the toughest division in the American League. Who are these guys? Cespedes? He’s some Cuban defector who has a workout video. That surely doesn’t mean he can play baseball. Reddick? We gave up Bailey for some guy who hardly gets the chance to play, are we out of our minds? The simple answer to that is yes and we always have been. It’s done this franchise good so far.

So what did we do this season?

We didn’t quite make it to 100 losses but we did almost reach 100 wins. This team of misfits, rookies and whatever other names you like to call them did what many thought was impossible. The Oakland A’s ended the regular season 94-68 and won the last 6 home games sweeping the Seattle Mariners and then the Texas Rangers to become the 2012 AL West Division Champions. All the Rangers had to do was win one game. But as the A’s have said all season just take it one game at a time and that’s what they did. They shocked the baseball world. Granted they didn’t get passed the Detroit Tigers to get to the ALCS but it doesn’t really matter.

I went to many games this season and while game four of the ALDS was incredible with yet another walk off win and quite possibly one of the if not the greatest games I’ve been to, game five while heartbreaking was also beautiful. I had told my friend before the ninth inning began that no matter what happens I’m going to stay behind and cheer, “Lets Go Oakland!” He chuckled, but it turns out the 37000+ fans had the exact same thought. While the Tigers were celebrating it was as though they weren’t even there. The A’s fans while sad by the turn of events were quickly reminded at the amazing season the A’s gave us and it was important that they know how much they mean to us and how much we appreciate them. The crowd began to cheer, “Lets Go Oakland” and it was evident it meant something to the team, they also had planned to stay around and celebrate the fans. It was a mutual love and respect that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.

This group of guys wasn’t just a team; they were friends, family, and brothers. And it wasn’t just the players it was Bob Melvin and even Billy Beane.

We all cringed when we saw Brandon McCarthy get hit in the head by the ball leading to brain surgery the same night. We later found out that Bob Melvin and Billy Beane stayed with McCarthy’s wife Amanda while he was in surgery. She later tweeted about what happened and she had told them they didn’t need to be away from their families for this and they quickly responded that they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else and that they were with family. Another incident later in the season was the tragic death of Pat & Stephanee Neshek’s baby boy less than 24 hours after his birth. Even though they were grieving and had just experienced the single worst thing anyone could ever experience they knew the place they needed to be was with the team. The A’s had a patch put on their jersey with the initials of Baby Neshek that read GJN for Gehrig John Neshek. Neshek also pitched just days after losing his son, not only pitched but with Gehrig watching from the best seat in the house he saw his daddy pitch great! Then we all got tears in our eyes seeing Neshek look up to the heavens and touch the patch on his arm. Then Jonny Gomes hugged him in the dugout.

The Neshek story does hit home. My brother Bryan David Hoffert passed away from a short illness when he was 5 years old. While I never had the pleasure of knowing my brother I know he’s always with me. I know my parents still have their bad days even though his passing was more than 32 years ago. This is what makes me feel so deeply for the Neshek family. It’s going to get easier to live each day but this is something that will be with them every day and especially on Gehrig’s birthday and holidays. I know I’ll always keep my brothers memory alive and with the large platform Neshek has I hope he knows his son will always be remembered as well.

Even though this season the A’s experienced tragedy most of the time this team just had fun. I went to over 30 games this season seeing them lose just 4 times. The beginning of the season they were average at best and they had to deal with the unlucky fate of Coco Crisp. Flu, ear infections, some weird pink eye issue that as soon as one eye was getting better the other got worse and the only thing he could contribute were his legs on a couple of occasions. Cespedes had his own bouts with injury but with his desire to win a Championship he was determined to play. The A’s battled through diversity, fought through tragedy and won by having fun and being the definition of a team.

At times they were ridiculed for over celebrating, they were accused of acting like they were in high school and their respect for the game was even questioned. This team has nothing but respect for the game of baseball. Every time you speak with any of them you know they have nothing but love for this game.

There is so much more to say about this team. From Gomes always defending this team from the wild accusations to guys like Brandon Inge stating he would take a bullet for Bob Melvin. These things just never happen in sports. Whether it’s baseball, football, basketball or any other sport you can think of there is always one guy who feels he’s better than everyone else. Not with this team.

This team of misfits wanted to win for each other more than they wanted to win for themselves. I think I can also speak for my fellow A’s fans when I say I wanted this team to go all the way because this team is just that special. I wanted it more for them than I wanted it for myself. I didn’t need to gloat to Giants fans that the A’s are so much better because they won a World Series; I just wanted to see the joy on the A’s faces that I saw after every walk off, every big win of the season and in the post season. This team has meant a lot to A’s fans and I hope we see them all next year.

Thank You A’s for a more than magical season that I and all A’s fans will remember for a life time.

Thank You Billy Beane, Bob Melvin, Chili Davis, Curt Young, Tye Waller, Mike Gallego, Chip Hale, Rick Rodriguez, Brett Anderson, Grant Balfour, Travis Blackley, Jerry Blevins, Ryan Cook, Sean Doolittle, A.J. Griffin, Brandon McCarthy, Tommy Milone, Jim Miller, Pat Neshek, Jordan Norberto, Dan Straily, Tyson Ross, Jarrod Parker, Evan Scribner, George Kottaras, Derek Norris, Chris Carter, Brandon Inge, Josh Donaldson, Stephen Drew, Brandon Moss, Brandon Hicks, Eric Sogard, Cliff Pennington, Adam Rosales, Jemile Weeks, Yoenis Cespedes, Josh Reddick, Seth Smith, Jonny Gomes and Coco Crisp. See you all next year!!!



Are the A’s moving or not? This discussion didn’t just begin a few years ago this has been going on a good ten plus years. We were supposed to have a new stadium by 2011; if you didn’t notice we’re half way through 2012 and we don’t even know if we are getting a new ball park at this point.

The fact remains and always will be that the Giants would not be where they are today if it weren’t for the A’s organization. It’s not me being a baby and whining or complaining, it’s the facts. The A’s didn’t want to lose competition, we didn’t want the Giants to go anywhere so we said here ya go here’s some territory you can use. Who knew it would come back to bite us. The Giants organization is a pathetic, scummy, shady organization and if they did “let” us have a ball park in San Jose I’m sure they would spin the situation and lead people to believe they were being generous and they are such a classy organization and we would then owe them big.


[Picture Taken by: Lisa Hoffert]

I go to 20-30 games per season on average. I hate the fact that people are not filling that stadium. Is it because it’s in the ghetto? Is it ownership? What is it???? I’ve been to plenty of games by myself and never had any issues. It can’t very well be that everyone is disgruntled at Lew Wolff and the other suits in the front office because the A’s have never been known to draw attendance. Maybe the late 80s were an exception. Even in the 70s when they won back to back to back World Championships they weren’t drawing more than 12,000. Are people in the bay area so dense they don’t realize what they have in their own back yard? This team has won 9 World Championships, 15 Pennants, look at the days of Connie Mack and Charles O’ Finley. This organization has had and will have great times and we are one of the top organizations in baseball. How do you not see that?  Don’t allow the Giants of all teams to take that history from you.

Tell me fellow A’s fans, what is it keeping you form the ball park?  I’m not angry at Lew Wolff, I’m not angry at Billy Beane and I’m certaintly not angry at our team that put’s their heart on that field every single game. A’s fans, do you love this team? Do you enjoy going to baseball games? Then what is stopping you? A game is relatively cheap at and if you must you can park at the BART station for free, or take BART for a couple bucks. Nothing should be stopping you, there is nothing that should stop you from supporting your team. In the end the only thing you do is hurt team moral. If we  want this team to be a success we need to get out there and support them. Every time I say this I get bitter comments from A’s fans but the reality is, nothing is stopping you but yourself and your petty excuses.


Where Did They Come From?

So far the big question is Where did this A’s team come from? As if the A’s are some organization that doesn’t know what it’s like to be successful. Any A’s fan will tell you that is far from the case. Sure it’s been since 2006 when the A’s last saw the post season but the A’s are very familiar with winning.

I know it’s surprising to see a team like the A’s doing so well at this time. Granted if the season were to end today they wouldn’t have won the division, they wouldn’t even have won the second Wild Card spot. But the season isn’t ending today and with a mostly healthy team I have full faith that this team can be in the post season. I’ll admit, on paper they look like garbage but reporters, writers, commentators and ESPN fail to recognize the intangibles. Those things that can’t be measured. The true A’s fan knows how much heart this team has and the desire they have to win. Guys like Josh Reddick who exude confidence that some may say makes him a bit cocky is a perfect example of who an Athletic is. They aren’t a team that just rolls over and dies after a nine game losing streak. They battle back, which is proven by eight walk off wins. They may be down late in a game but unlike recent seasons we still have hope.


[Photo Provided By:]

Why is this team so different? Still a bunch of players no one knows. Still a lack luster team batting average. What’s different? I’d say the biggest component in the A’s success is acquiring Bob Melvin. I’m a believer in a coach only being as good as the players that are on the field, however Bob Melvin adds something that can’t be explained. The team is confident with him, they respect him, they not only want to win for themselves but for him as well. When Bo Mel first came on board we heard he is a players manager and he really is. He makes decisions that actually workout, which we rarely saw in Geren. I defended Geren mostly because I knew on paper the A’s just weren’t that great. On paper the A’s are even worse this season, yet they are more successful. So I say to all the A’s fans throw that paper in the trash because it means nothing.


[Photo Provided By:]

We have potential to be a great team. Who cares if we are in Oakland, Fremont or San Jose. Let the front office worry about the logistics and lets just enjoy the team that is putting their heart on that field every game. Who cares about the bandwagon fans across the bay who talk trash. We all know they wouldn’t be where they are today if it weren’t for the A’s organization. The A’s deserve a sell out every game, but I’m fine with 10,000-12,000 true, diehard, loyal fans, than 40,000 bandwagon, corporate shmoozing, no nothing “fans” like we know are at the Giants games. (Yes, I know there are a handful of real fans but it truly is a handful)

It may not be this season, it may not be next season but our time is coming. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to enjoy this ride.


I have wanted to keep up on this blog I truly have BUT life gets busy sometimes and you can’t even do the things you really enjoy. And what’s better than the A’s?

How can I not write this season when we have Manny, possibly a new ball park and some guy from Cuba who I hope can hit against MLB pitching. This is going to be quite the season and I can’t wait!!! Sure the A’s might lose 100 games, but they could win 100 too right? Anything is possible.

So because I want to be a part of a great A’s season from the beginning I’ve gotta blog. Sure I might not be able too but once a week but I can guarantee there’s going to be a lot to say this season.

And don’t forget to see Moneyball not win the Oscar for Best Picture, but ain’t it great to be nominated?! Who woulda thunk it a movie about Billy Beane and the Amazin’ A’s would be a contender. (I was at game 18 in real life and game 20 in the movie)


I am lame…

So it’s about time I actually did start writing on my blog again. So much has been going on with the A’s. I do a lot of chatting on twitter and there are a lot of great baseball fans on there. So I will say I will start writing more … at least once a week. I have had so much going on lately and it’s so hard to just turn on the computer sometimes. I don’t spend to much time on here, but my blog has received decent attention. I don’t claim to be the smartest when it comes to baseball but what I do know is that I am a real fan. I love baseball. I love my Oakland A’s. My goal is to single handedly show the greatness that is the Oakland A’s and show that fans do have the ability to do something. We spend so much time blaming ownership or making up statistics to make it seem as though it’s someone elses fault, but the simple fact is the A’s just don’t draw a crowd, no matter how great they have been in the past. So here is the beginning of what is going to be something great. <–Someday someone is going to quote that. :o)


It’s been awhile since I have written on here I did start a blog on blogspot but that didn’t last. Had ankle surgery etc so my time was spent doing other things.

I am so excited for the 2011 season. The AL West is the A’s to lose. I think it’s destiny … Moneyball comes out September 23rd and by then we should know that the A’s are headed to the playoffs.

Good things are to come…

Oakland A’s Caravan

Well, I haven’t written in quite some time. Had a fun surgery…

GROSSNESS.JPGBut yesterday I went to Stoneridge mall in Pleasanton California and met Brett Anderson and Trevor Cahill. Cahill looks even younger in person. They were very nice and let me take a picture of them. Brad Ziegler has still got to be the overall nicest ‘A’ I have met to date but these guys were great as well.

A's Caravan 2010.JPG

That’s Why You Don’t Talk To Boys About Sports….

As many of you know one of the GREATEST baseball players of all time and possiblly the GREATEST Oakland Athletic to ever play the game was inducted in the Hall of Fame this year. You might have heard of him, he goes by the name RICKEY HENDERSON. He’s so proud of his name he would even call himself Rickey!

I don’t need to get into all the details because we all know he was great. The purpose of this blog is really just a vindication and to show how stupid some people are.

Now I’m not some wild crazy feminist, quite the contrary, I pretty much loathe women like that. 

So here’s what happened. I was talking to a friend on the phone and he proceeded to rip into Rickey and say he is only in the HOF because of stealing bases yada yada yada and he wasn’t even an Oakland A for long. I was like “WHAT?” He was signed by the A’s and played in the organization for years before going to the Yanks then coming back to the A’s then later in his career he spent a minute with the Mets, Angels, Dodgers and maybe 5 minutes with the Padres.

RICKEY'S HANDS SLIDINGThen get this!?!? You will just die!!!!



But you know when someone sounds so confident about what they are saying and you know you are right but you still look it up anyway. He said google it! I was like dude I’m on baseball reference and he was only with the Mets like a year. Then he said GOOGLE IT. Dude!!!! I’m on baseball-reference…seriously?


Don’t try to tell me about my A’s and one of my favorite players ever to play the game….you will get owned!

So guys next time you want to argue with a chick about sports, make sure you get your facts straight. You know you don’t wanna lose to a girl! (but they usually do.)


Rickey Henderson Teams (as a Player)

1979-1984 Oakland Athletics

1985-1989 New York Yankees

1989-1993 Oakland Athletics

1993 Toronto Blue Jays

1994-1995 Oakland Athletics

1996-1997 San Diego Padres

1997 Anaheim Angels

1998 Oakland Athletics

1999-2000 New York Mets

2000 Seattle Mariners

2001 San Diedgo Padres

2002 Boston Red Sox

2003 Los Angeles Dodgers




There’s No Crying In Baseball…

Bobby Crosby, rookie of the year, injury prone, dud.  Just trade him and get it over with. 

The A’s aren’t going to the post season this year, but I’m sure eventually they would like to get there.  They are doing the right thing exposing these young guys to the bigs when they have nothing else to lose. 

Hopefully one thing these guys don’t learn is how to be a ******, because Bobby Crosby is just that and now his dear ol’ daddy had a few words for one of the greatest organizations in baseball.

The Quote:

“My feelings are that he has been messed around with, and that Billy Beane (A’s general manager) has done a number on him,” says the 60-year-old Crosby, a retired major league scout who resides in Garden Grove. “Right now Bobby’s on the disabled list, and he’s not even hurt. He had a twinge in his left calf, but it wasn’t serious enough to put him on the DL. But they were just looking for an excuse. Bobby’s not hurt, period.”

Bobby may not be hurt, but he hurts the team with his attitude and his bat.  Yes, he has shown he can play other positions and do them relatively well. I understand parents want to stick up for their children but Bobby is supposedly a grown man and this is baseball.  Maybe you can whine when you are hitting .230, how bout that?

You may have been rookie of the year, but guess what? So was Ben Grieve, and we all no what happened to him. Oh! Wait! Actually we don’t. Did he fall off the face of the earth? Eh. Who cares.

So Ed how do you feel about Bobby’s brother getting picked up by the A’s? If they are such a crap organization he should have just waited around for another team to make an offer. 

I knew we should have kept Scutaro! MARCO ::CLAPCLAPCLAP:: SCUTARO ::CLAPCLAPCLAP::

Man those were the days!

Hit the road Bobby, we don’t need you or your dad.

Bobby Crosby on the Bench