As some of you may know a reporter (from Dublin, Ireland) wrote a story about Lance Armstrong. I do know who the reporter is but I personally don’t want to give this guy the time of day and any moments of fame no matter how mediocre my blog may be.  In this morons article he states, “For two years, this sport has been in remission. And now, the cancer’s back.” 

This is another steroid issue. Again, I repeat myself, steroids does not bring greatness!  In a Sacramento News Conference this reporter says he is talking about the cancer of doping.  But he is saying this about a man who faught cancer. The reporter himself said he has lost people from cancer so why does he feel it is ok to play on words with something so serious. 

I say way to go Lance at his response to his idiot.  If anything, Lance should be welcomed back in the sport because he will do a lot of good for cancer, more than he already has.  This is a horrible disease that millions of people go through at some point in their life.  My dad had cancer when he was 12, both of my grandmas had cancer, one of them who died way to young. 

People can hate Lance Armstrong for what he may or may not have done in regards to steroids but it could have been said in a better way.  There are some things you just don’t say and this Irish dude needs to learn from this.  A respectable journalist wouldn’t make that comment and would have enough intelligence to attack him in a more mature and intelligent way. There is of  course freedom of speech and people can say what they want, as some of you know I am not one that believes in politcal correctness but there are still certain issues you just don’t talk about or you understand the severity of an issue and you have to learn restraint.  This tool obviously doesn’t understand that. 






  1. raysrenegade

    How can anyone hate Lance Armstrong. Not only has he beaten the world, but also a cancer that takes most of its victim with it.

    And then he rides again after all of that. Add on the premise that he attracts the best women, and you got a guy to look up to in sports and in bird-dogging. He has even done some of the best cameo in the movies in recent years. Who can forget the cameos in ” You,Me and Dupree.”

    Classy dude, awesome role model.

    Rays Renegade

  2. roshkoch

    Don’t get me wrong … it’s a witty line, but in very poor taste. Thanks for the kind words. I really enjoyed your blog. I’m trying to discover more entertaining blogs out there. Tonight was a homer for sure!

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