Some of you may have been thinking, “Where the heck has that girly baseball chick gone? Where are her fabulous, amazing, insightful blogs?” Ok, maybe not. But anyway, it’s been a little while and basically I was sick, call it the flu or whatever but I was down for the count and I’m still a little stuffy, but if you were at all worried about me I’m going to pull through. 

So did you hear the big news????

Duchscherer.jpgYah, the A’s are starting the season off strong …. on the DL!  So I guess when I go to the A’s home opener I’m not going to see Duchscherer pitch.  I am hoping in the end it all turns out good but it’s a little frustrating at the same time.  This team needs to start off strong for once and with a pitching staff that still doesn’t know who the starters are it’s not a great sign for things to come.  I have all the hope in the world but I gotta see it to believe it. 

Usually I start every season being completely stoked and hopeful and believe the A’s can go all the way and I make others believe it too.  But after the luck the A’s have had lately this season is a little different.  I still know they are totally going to win the World Series, but I’m a little worried about what it’s going to take to get there.

I don’t want to see the A’s use the DL 25+ times this season or see over 50 different ball players on the field.  There is something to be said about building chemistry.  Chemistry makes the game almost seem effortless and the A’s, while still managing to do pretty well last season, on the field the A’s play was far from effortless. 

But we, meaning the A’s, have some killer bats that we haven’t had for quite some time.  If they can produce the runs maybe, just maybe they can either make the lack of pitching studs less obvious or make the pitchers so comfortable on the mound they become the studs the A’s knew they could be. 

It’s basically just wait and see time for the A’s.  I have a feeling this is going to be a very interesting season, big highs, big lows and in the end I want to see the A’s on top!

Chucky Finly and A's World Series Trophy.jpg

Charles Finley with one of the Oakland A’s World Series trophies



  1. mayz

    Interesting to see Billy change his game plan a bit this year and go out and get Holliday. I’m curious to see how it pays off. In the meantime, Duchscherer needs to get off the DL immediately because he’s on my fantasy team.


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