Are the A’s moving or not? This discussion didn’t just begin a few years ago this has been going on a good ten plus years. We were supposed to have a new stadium by 2011; if you didn’t notice we’re half way through 2012 and we don’t even know if we are getting a new ball park at this point.

The fact remains and always will be that the Giants would not be where they are today if it weren’t for the A’s organization. It’s not me being a baby and whining or complaining, it’s the facts. The A’s didn’t want to lose competition, we didn’t want the Giants to go anywhere so we said here ya go here’s some territory you can use. Who knew it would come back to bite us. The Giants organization is a pathetic, scummy, shady organization and if they did “let” us have a ball park in San Jose I’m sure they would spin the situation and lead people to believe they were being generous and they are such a classy organization and we would then owe them big.


[Picture Taken by: Lisa Hoffert]

I go to 20-30 games per season on average. I hate the fact that people are not filling that stadium. Is it because it’s in the ghetto? Is it ownership? What is it???? I’ve been to plenty of games by myself and never had any issues. It can’t very well be that everyone is disgruntled at Lew Wolff and the other suits in the front office because the A’s have never been known to draw attendance. Maybe the late 80s were an exception. Even in the 70s when they won back to back to back World Championships they weren’t drawing more than 12,000. Are people in the bay area so dense they don’t realize what they have in their own back yard? This team has won 9 World Championships, 15 Pennants, look at the days of Connie Mack and Charles O’ Finley. This organization has had and will have great times and we are one of the top organizations in baseball. How do you not see that?  Don’t allow the Giants of all teams to take that history from you.

Tell me fellow A’s fans, what is it keeping you form the ball park?  I’m not angry at Lew Wolff, I’m not angry at Billy Beane and I’m certaintly not angry at our team that put’s their heart on that field every single game. A’s fans, do you love this team? Do you enjoy going to baseball games? Then what is stopping you? A game is relatively cheap at and if you must you can park at the BART station for free, or take BART for a couple bucks. Nothing should be stopping you, there is nothing that should stop you from supporting your team. In the end the only thing you do is hurt team moral. If we  want this team to be a success we need to get out there and support them. Every time I say this I get bitter comments from A’s fans but the reality is, nothing is stopping you but yourself and your petty excuses.



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