Where Did They Come From?

So far the big question is Where did this A’s team come from? As if the A’s are some organization that doesn’t know what it’s like to be successful. Any A’s fan will tell you that is far from the case. Sure it’s been since 2006 when the A’s last saw the post season but the A’s are very familiar with winning.

I know it’s surprising to see a team like the A’s doing so well at this time. Granted if the season were to end today they wouldn’t have won the division, they wouldn’t even have won the second Wild Card spot. But the season isn’t ending today and with a mostly healthy team I have full faith that this team can be in the post season. I’ll admit, on paper they look like garbage but reporters, writers, commentators and ESPN fail to recognize the intangibles. Those things that can’t be measured. The true A’s fan knows how much heart this team has and the desire they have to win. Guys like Josh Reddick who exude confidence that some may say makes him a bit cocky is a perfect example of who an Athletic is. They aren’t a team that just rolls over and dies after a nine game losing streak. They battle back, which is proven by eight walk off wins. They may be down late in a game but unlike recent seasons we still have hope.


[Photo Provided By: AthleticsNation.com]

Why is this team so different? Still a bunch of players no one knows. Still a lack luster team batting average. What’s different? I’d say the biggest component in the A’s success is acquiring Bob Melvin. I’m a believer in a coach only being as good as the players that are on the field, however Bob Melvin adds something that can’t be explained. The team is confident with him, they respect him, they not only want to win for themselves but for him as well. When Bo Mel first came on board we heard he is a players manager and he really is. He makes decisions that actually workout, which we rarely saw in Geren. I defended Geren mostly because I knew on paper the A’s just weren’t that great. On paper the A’s are even worse this season, yet they are more successful. So I say to all the A’s fans throw that paper in the trash because it means nothing.


[Photo Provided By: AthleticsNation.com]

We have potential to be a great team. Who cares if we are in Oakland, Fremont or San Jose. Let the front office worry about the logistics and lets just enjoy the team that is putting their heart on that field every game. Who cares about the bandwagon fans across the bay who talk trash. We all know they wouldn’t be where they are today if it weren’t for the A’s organization. The A’s deserve a sell out every game, but I’m fine with 10,000-12,000 true, diehard, loyal fans, than 40,000 bandwagon, corporate shmoozing, no nothing “fans” like we know are at the Giants games. (Yes, I know there are a handful of real fans but it truly is a handful)

It may not be this season, it may not be next season but our time is coming. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to enjoy this ride.


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