About girlybaseballchick

First of all my name is Lisa! I am the Girly
Baseball Chick because I tend to act like a lady and think
like a man. Men are shocked when I started spittin my
knowledge and love for the game. I love sports in general but
baseball is just something special. I was born and raised in
Livermore, California so I grew up about a 25 minute drive
from the historic (at least to me) Oakland Coliseum. And yes,
it is no longer Network Associates or McAfee it is back to
where it started good ol’ Oakland Coliseum. But it was always
the Coliseum to me. I moved around a bit with the folks and I
am now settled in Sacramento, Home of the A’s AAA team the
Champion Sacramento Rivercats!!!! I am a couple hours from
oakland now but if need be like on a good give-a-way day I
just drive down to Fairfield and stay with the folks then get
up bright and early and drive 45 minutes to the ball park. I
have it all planned out. Ever since I can remember I have
absolutely been in love with the game of baseball. No matter
what loser guys have come into my life or great guys who just
happened to not be right for me one thing always remained the
same…BASEBALL. I will always love Baseball and Baseball
will never fail me or turn it’s back on me. It is always
there to help me take my mind off of the everyday stresses
that we all have. I love the history of the game. It is
America’s game and no other sport can take that away.
Baseball and our American History go hand in hand. From going
to back to the wars our country has had, it was baseball that
took our minds to another land where there was no war. Or
with the Negro League and civil rights. Baseball has lead the
way to some of the greatest times in America. I love baseball
and I love my country! I don’t come here to try to be that
one chick who wants to be like men and wants to compete with
what they know. I don’t claim to know every player on every
team. But I do know baseball and am always willing to learn
more. I love it’s history, I love the suspense the game has
and I want to share my passion for this game with whoever is
willing to read my blog. I want you to enjoy my blog and come
by often even if you are a Giants, Red Sox, Braves, Indians
or Angels fan. Everyone is welcome to share their love for
the game with me and I hope you appreciate what I offer.
Here’s to a great 2009 season! And pray that the A’s can stay
healthy!!!!! We’re comin’ after you Scioscia and your little
Vlad too!!!!


Baseball, Politics, Makeup/Fashion, Music,
Oakland Athletics, San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears, Golden
State Warriors, Oklahoma Sooners (STOOOOOOOPS!), Marketing
(hence why my name is pink I gotta stand out sorry guys),
SACRAMENTO STATE HORNETS, Blogging, Meeting other amazingly
fabulous Baseball Fans like You! Also trying to find a guy
that is as big of a sports fan as I am!