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It’s been awhile since I have written on here I did start a blog on blogspot but that didn’t last. Had ankle surgery etc so my time was spent doing other things.

I am so excited for the 2011 season. The AL West is the A’s to lose. I think it’s destiny … Moneyball comes out September 23rd and by then we should know that the A’s are headed to the playoffs.

Good things are to come…


Oakland A’s Caravan

Well, I haven’t written in quite some time. Had a fun surgery…

GROSSNESS.JPGBut yesterday I went to Stoneridge mall in Pleasanton California and met Brett Anderson and Trevor Cahill. Cahill looks even younger in person. They were very nice and let me take a picture of them. Brad Ziegler has still got to be the overall nicest ‘A’ I have met to date but these guys were great as well.

A's Caravan 2010.JPG

That’s Why You Don’t Talk To Boys About Sports….

As many of you know one of the GREATEST baseball players of all time and possiblly the GREATEST Oakland Athletic to ever play the game was inducted in the Hall of Fame this year. You might have heard of him, he goes by the name RICKEY HENDERSON. He’s so proud of his name he would even call himself Rickey!

I don’t need to get into all the details because we all know he was great. The purpose of this blog is really just a vindication and to show how stupid some people are.

Now I’m not some wild crazy feminist, quite the contrary, I pretty much loathe women like that. 

So here’s what happened. I was talking to a friend on the phone and he proceeded to rip into Rickey and say he is only in the HOF because of stealing bases yada yada yada and he wasn’t even an Oakland A for long. I was like “WHAT?” He was signed by the A’s and played in the organization for years before going to the Yanks then coming back to the A’s then later in his career he spent a minute with the Mets, Angels, Dodgers and maybe 5 minutes with the Padres.

RICKEY'S HANDS SLIDINGThen get this!?!? You will just die!!!!



But you know when someone sounds so confident about what they are saying and you know you are right but you still look it up anyway. He said google it! I was like dude I’m on baseball reference and he was only with the Mets like a year. Then he said GOOGLE IT. Dude!!!! I’m on baseball-reference…seriously?


Don’t try to tell me about my A’s and one of my favorite players ever to play the game….you will get owned!

So guys next time you want to argue with a chick about sports, make sure you get your facts straight. You know you don’t wanna lose to a girl! (but they usually do.)


Rickey Henderson Teams (as a Player)

1979-1984 Oakland Athletics

1985-1989 New York Yankees

1989-1993 Oakland Athletics

1993 Toronto Blue Jays

1994-1995 Oakland Athletics

1996-1997 San Diego Padres

1997 Anaheim Angels

1998 Oakland Athletics

1999-2000 New York Mets

2000 Seattle Mariners

2001 San Diedgo Padres

2002 Boston Red Sox

2003 Los Angeles Dodgers




There’s No Crying In Baseball…

Bobby Crosby, rookie of the year, injury prone, dud.  Just trade him and get it over with. 

The A’s aren’t going to the post season this year, but I’m sure eventually they would like to get there.  They are doing the right thing exposing these young guys to the bigs when they have nothing else to lose. 

Hopefully one thing these guys don’t learn is how to be a ******, because Bobby Crosby is just that and now his dear ol’ daddy had a few words for one of the greatest organizations in baseball.

The Quote:

“My feelings are that he has been messed around with, and that Billy Beane (A’s general manager) has done a number on him,” says the 60-year-old Crosby, a retired major league scout who resides in Garden Grove. “Right now Bobby’s on the disabled list, and he’s not even hurt. He had a twinge in his left calf, but it wasn’t serious enough to put him on the DL. But they were just looking for an excuse. Bobby’s not hurt, period.”

Bobby may not be hurt, but he hurts the team with his attitude and his bat.  Yes, he has shown he can play other positions and do them relatively well. I understand parents want to stick up for their children but Bobby is supposedly a grown man and this is baseball.  Maybe you can whine when you are hitting .230, how bout that?

You may have been rookie of the year, but guess what? So was Ben Grieve, and we all no what happened to him. Oh! Wait! Actually we don’t. Did he fall off the face of the earth? Eh. Who cares.

So Ed how do you feel about Bobby’s brother getting picked up by the A’s? If they are such a crap organization he should have just waited around for another team to make an offer. 

I knew we should have kept Scutaro! MARCO ::CLAPCLAPCLAP:: SCUTARO ::CLAPCLAPCLAP::

Man those were the days!

Hit the road Bobby, we don’t need you or your dad.

Bobby Crosby on the Bench

Wilhite to Throw First Pitch

Did I say I was back for good? Ok, maybe I lied. I’ve been a little busy, but ironically enough a lot of my time has been taken up with sports related activities.  Anyway…

Jon Wilhite, was the only survivor in the accident that killed rising star Nick Adenhart.  Wilhite will be throwing the first pitch at the A’s/Angel’s game Saturday, July 18th as a guest of Kurt Suzuki of the Oakland A’s. They went to the same college and have remained friends.

Wilhite, was seriously injured and is still going through therapy. He had an operation that consisted of reattaching his skull and spinal column.  He is definitely lucky to be alive.

If anyone is interested and able to make a monetary donation they can be made to the Wilhite Recovery Fund, account 3980643658, at any Wells Fargo branch, or to a tax deductible account set up through Manhattan Beach Little League by mailing a check to: Manhattan Beach Little League, P.O. Box 3512, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, with “Wilhite Recovery Fund” on the memo line.

Just thought I would put that out there for those of you unaware of this.  Obviously finances are tight these days but any little bit helps.  It’s a good Karma boost, and I’m always for a little of that.

Chavez Out For The Season…Surprise Suprise

Chavez, EricWell, it was announced today before the game…CHAVEY OUT FOR THE SEASON. He is about to undergo his fifth surgery since late 2007.  Rumor has it if he throws his back out again it will mean having to fuse his spine.

Should Chavey call it quits?

I know the game means a lot to these guys but you have to know when it’s time to just give it up. He has children that he has to be healthy for, that he can play with and show them the game he loves so much.  I am all for Chavey being a coach for the A’s!

I know it’s easier said than done.  He had some issues with depression through all of these injuries, which is understandable.  Not many of us get to experience the joy of making a career out of something we truly love. 

Through all the negativity there are those players that we can look up to, there are those ones that do it for the love of the game. 

Good luck Chavey, I hope you can come back strong next year and lead us to our 10 Championship.  The A’s have so much going against them over the last few seasons, it’s time to show the Baseball world what Beane and the A’s have been working so hard to accomplish.


Today’s Game: A’s v. Giants (Anderson/Cain)

Let’s Go A’s!!!!!!! (avoid the sweep, that’s all I ask)