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Game Over!

Ok, here is the long awaited blog.  I’ve had a few people actually tell me they want me to write a new blog. Without getting all into it I’ve just been busy and had a lot of stuff going on but I think I’m back…for real this time.  But with everything going on nothing has been as tumultuous as the A’s.  

Opening Day 2009 on the way to Oakland Alameda County coliseum.jpg(On the way to Oakland Alameda-County Coliseum – they change the name so often maybe they don’t want to change the sign just yet!)

One thing that keeps me going is knowing it’s still just May, but does anyone else feel like it’s been a long season already? 

So far I’ve been to 2 games; I know I know, “AND YOU CALL YOURSELF AN A’S FAN?” But trust me there will be many, many, many more.  Anyway, they lost both of them.  I went on May 9th when they played the Blue Jays and the forever loved Marco Scutaro!  I was sitting centerfield, plaza bleachers and some “fans” below us were cheering for Marco, it was a nice gesture but these are the people that do whatever they can do to be on television. They are those that you wonder if they even have a job; they go to every single game. While that is completely cool, these people are totally not.

But I digress. 

Oakland Coliseum1.JPG(Batting Practice at the Most Beautiful Place on Earth!)

I went with one of my best friends, and I only have two, this was the guy best friend. (Who by the way needs to find a woman, just thought I’d throw that out there, maybe on the down low I’ll put up some pictures of us at a game…oh man he’d kill me.  Oh well all in the name of love!)  Once the second inning came around I turned to him and said man the A’s are so predictable. They don’t score until the 7th then they make it interesting and then lose.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t have been more right!

So here comes the 7th inning A’s are down 4-0, up comes the G man, Jason Giambi and he hits a homerun. So the score is now 4-1, obviously, you all aren’t football fans so I assume you have at least half a brain to figure that one out. 

Now fast forward to the 9th, A’s are down 6-1. (Yah, I know Blue Jays had scored again but we don’t really need to reiterate that part of the game.) I’m watching the A’s at bat just saying, “please please, patience, patience, just be patient!”  Then with a runner on and one out Jason Giambi comes up to bat and hits a two run shot, now it’s 6-3.  So at this time I’m jumping up and down, then sitting down on the edge of my seat saying, “oh my god, oh my god!” To make a long story short A’s had bases loaded, they get another run then bases are still loaded and Landon Powell comes to the plate. Once again I’m saying just be patient, just be patient, a base hit can score two runs to tie the game.  So, in typical A’s fashion when the game is on the line, first pitch thrown, Powell takes a crack at it, it’s going deep, deep, right in the right fielders glove.  GAME OVER!

Whoever, says baseball is boring either has never been to a game or is completely wacked out.  Intense highs, the lowest of lows, the suspense, the drama, the heartbreak! All of those emotions are packaged ever so nicely in the greatest game on the face of the planet, Baseball! 

The cuteness that is Ryan Sweeney.JPG(I really should have got the 10x zoom, but here is the Cuteness that is Ryan Sweeney!)

Next Game In Attendance: May 22nd v. Arizona @ 7:05 PM with my good friend Quinn. Side Note Quinn is a musician, check out his website at http://www.quinnhedges.com/, check out his music, if you like it buy it!