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Oakland ‘A’ To Watch!

Right now the big news involving the A’s are the acquisitions of Giambi, Holliday, Cabrera and Nomar. The big question for A’s fans is, “What’s going to happen with Crosby?”  While I love the guys we were able to obtain, and at this point I don’t really care about what happens to Crosby the guy everyone should keep an eye on is Ryan Sweeney.  Even for those of you who don’t even care about the A’s he is at least some good eye candy.


Ryan Sweeney 2Ryan Sweeney just turned 24, which is still young and he can learn a lot from the vets we have acquired but he is capable of a lot on his own.  The A’s got him in the Swisher trade, when Swish was sent off to the White Sox not long after all of us A’s fans were stoked that he signed for six years.  Apparently that doesn’t matter, signed just means we will keep you around but if we can get rid of you for something we think will help us in the long run then we can get rid of you any time we want.  Baseball is a crazy, crazy game. 

Sweeney played the first two years of his career with the White Sox, but he only played a combined 33 games. This ironically enough was Swisher’s old number. Hmmmmm…. A coincidence? Well no matter how much the players don’t want to admit it; it’s a very superstitious game. Hey Giants! Does Zito still have his teddy bears?

The Numbers:






















In my opinion a .286 is a pretty good average, he’s not a power guy but he does put the ball in play and he does get on base.  In 2008 he had 110 hits with 18 doubles and 3 triples, and was only walked 38 times, with a .350 OBP.  I think this year he will be closer to a .300 hitter, 10 homeruns and around 60 RBI. I’m not a numbers person and I’m just pulling these numbers out of a place the sun doesn’t shine unless I’m on my balcony where no one can see me, but I think he is a guy to watch.  I think he has a good bat, he is one of the better outfielders and he has speed.  Just by watching this guy last season he has a lot going for him, plus a great attitude, which these days can be hard to find.  But I must say the A’s have been pretty lucky in the personality department.

Basically, I just want to put it out there that I think Ryan Sweeney is going to be the guy to watch. Sure people are interested in seeing how these new vets are going to do but the A’s are known for getting good young talent and Sweeney is no exception. We’ll see how close this non numbers person got on her predictions.  But I really do hate predictions because anything can happen. I just want my team to stay healthy. 

I have to close this with a quote from a chick I overheard talking about baseball, “How can anyone like baseball, they only hit like 20% of the time.”


Ryan Sweeney 1Go A’s!