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Why Athletes Are More Right than Left

ElephantI have my own opinion as to why but I don’t want to anger to many people. I think for the most part it has to do with who feels ok with a few handouts and who feels hard work gets you where you want to be. More than Republican or Democrat it’s Liberal and Conservative. 

History is what tells all in the end.  And whithout going to deap into my other interest, Politics, this is a baseball blog and it will stay just that. But I am grateful for George W. Bush, keeping our country safe so we can still enjoy what we always have.  Every American whether they believe he was a good President or not should give him that much and as President that is his number one obligation. And he succeeded!


Jim Bunning (baseball)

Jack Kemp (football)

Steve Largent (football)

Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Nascar)

Jim Kelly (football)

Greg Norman (golf)

Arnold Palmer (golf)

Joe Paterno (football)

Mike Ditka (football) – legend – GO BEARS!

John Elway (football)

Frank Gifford (football)

Lou Holtz (football)

Tom Landry (football)

Karl Malone (basketball)

Dan Marino (football)

Troy Aikman (football)

Bill Belichick (football)

Jerome Bettis (football)

Bobby Bowden (football)

Al Michaels (sportscaster)

Phil Mickelson (golf)

Jim Nantz (sportscaster)

Nolan Ryan (baseball)

Don Shula (football)

Roger Staubach (football)

Pat Summerall (sportscaster)

Roger Clemens (baseball)

Craig Biggio (baseball)

Jeff Kent (baseball)

Charles Barkley (basketball)

Reggie White (football)

Jason Sehorn (football)

Curt Schilling (baseball)

Lynn Swann (football)

J.C. Watts (football)

Tom Osbourne (football)

George Allen (football)

Jim Ryun (runner)

Ben Nighthorse Campbell (judo)

Bob Ehrlich (football)

Don Carlieri (football)

Rick Perry (cheerleader)

Dwight Eisenhower (football – West Point)

Ronald Reagan (baseball announcer)

Richard Nixon (football)

Jack Nicklaus (golf)

Ernie Banks (baseball)

Carlos Beltran (baseball – supported Bush)




Bill Bradley (basketball)

Grant Hill (basketball)

Bill Walton (basketball)

Andre Agassi (tennis)

John McEnroe (tennis)

Franco Harris (football – possible republican but supported Kerry)

Alex Karras (football)

Jesse Ventura (wrestling – supported Kerry)

Lamon Brewster (boxing)

Julie Foudy (soccer)

Abby Wambach (soccer)

Emmit Smith (football)

Pettis Norman (football)

Calvin Hill (football)

Chris Zorich (football)

Hank Aaron (baseball)

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (basketball)

Julius Erving (basketball)

Billie Jean King (tennis)

Lance Armstrong (cycling) 

ConservativeNow of course like most people these athletes aren’t confined to these two parties however voting records, there own words, and where their money has gone dictates where they stand on most issues. But I am a proud CONSERVATIVE who swings a little libertarian and swings back to Republican.  But may a baseball strike me in the head if I ever claim to be a liberal.