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Chavez Out For The Season…Surprise Suprise

Chavez, EricWell, it was announced today before the game…CHAVEY OUT FOR THE SEASON. He is about to undergo his fifth surgery since late 2007.  Rumor has it if he throws his back out again it will mean having to fuse his spine.

Should Chavey call it quits?

I know the game means a lot to these guys but you have to know when it’s time to just give it up. He has children that he has to be healthy for, that he can play with and show them the game he loves so much.  I am all for Chavey being a coach for the A’s!

I know it’s easier said than done.  He had some issues with depression through all of these injuries, which is understandable.  Not many of us get to experience the joy of making a career out of something we truly love. 

Through all the negativity there are those players that we can look up to, there are those ones that do it for the love of the game. 

Good luck Chavey, I hope you can come back strong next year and lead us to our 10 Championship.  The A’s have so much going against them over the last few seasons, it’s time to show the Baseball world what Beane and the A’s have been working so hard to accomplish.


Today’s Game: A’s v. Giants (Anderson/Cain)

Let’s Go A’s!!!!!!! (avoid the sweep, that’s all I ask)