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Gripes, Disses, and the A’s!

I have been thinking, what can I possibly write about? It wasn’t a matter of not having anything to say, it was more like I have too much to say.  I was wondering where I should start, but I figure I will just put everything in this one blog(gette).  Some parts I already know will get your panties in a bunch, and some will make you roll your eyes and think what the heck is she thinking, but trust me I know what I’m talking about (or at least I think so, but what is it that people say, when a woman talks a man just has to nod his head in agreement because a woman or a chick in this situation is always right). 

I will start off by saying ….neener neener neeeeeener…Oakland beat the Angels 8-1.  What’s that you say? It’s only Spring Training?!?!?  And that is my first gripe.  On one hand Spring Training isn’t important because it doesn’t count when determining who gets to the post season. But for you guys that say it’s no big deal at all you either have no clue what you are talking about or have a really crappy team and it truly doesn’t matter ::coughPiratescough:: Spring Training gives us the first look at our team.  Is pitching a worry for you? You get to check out all of your so called up and coming studs and how they might fit in.  Spring Training gives us a pretty good look at what our team is shaping up to be.  You get to see how much the athletes worked in the off season either because they are showing more skills on the field or their body has dramatically changed.  As a baseball fan I’m just stoked to get the chance to watch some baseball.  I don’t care if it’s Spring Training or not, when the A’s kick the Giants and Angels rear I’m going to be pretty excited.    And to listen to the radio and hear Garciaparra (2 for 2) the old guy who people are telling me don’t get too excited about, hits a line drive two base hit, I think take that naysayers.  Spring Training may not determine anything when the season starts but you get to see your team.  Most of the crap I hear comes from Yankee fans.  So sorry some of our teams have a lot of questions and aren’t lucky enough to buy already established players who everyone knows what to expect minus maybe an injury here or there that could change things up a bit.  Don’t ask why they show Spring Training highlights, don’t say Spring Training doesn’t matter, just sit back shut up and enjoy watching your team play ball.

Spring Training.jpgSpeaking of the Yankees, that brings me to my other gripe. I know I stick up for the Yankees, and that primarily has to do with the fact that I think they get a lot of crap for nothing and the fact I hate the Red Sox.  But Yankee fans are starting to really drive me crazy. Sure I have met a lot more awesome Yankee fans than I have Boston Fans, but lately Yankee fans are really giving the Sox Fans and run for their money.  I really have never known fans to be as low on the Homer poll as the current Yankee fan. They want to bad mouth the media and say there is nowhere like playing in New York, boo hoo, while secretly loving the drama and thinking it makes them that much better than every other team. But I can’t think of any other fan that bad mouths their players like a Yankee fan. And before you even say that Yankee fans know the game or they aren’t bias, or a number of other things you might think of just stop right there.  Some Yankee fans are Jeter fans so they have problems with A-Rod, then you have the A-Rod fans that have issues with Jeter.  The reason the media has a field day is because of YOU!  If YOU would just shut up and not care about all the drama on and off the field the media wouldn’t have as much to talk about.  It’s you that cares about A-Rod and manly women or the tension between A-Rod and Jeter. They also comment on how the team didn’t really look that supportive of A-Rod when he had his roid press conference.  Why don’t you try being a little more supportive? I have also heard, now that Giambi is back home as an Oakland A, he’s not really that good, or he is blamed for the Yankees not winning the World Series.  Well I’m glad to have Giambi back as our first baseman, and the leader of the pack. WELCOME BACK FRAT HOUSE!!!!!  The Yankee’s have brought on a lot of drama on their own; have fun in third place again Yankees!

: A’s to World Series before the Yankees! (have you seen our young pitching in the meaningless Spring Training?)

Now on to A’s pitching! I am still concerned about this one segment of the team.  I think our batting is going to be greatly improved. We have one of the best baseball players in the game today with Holliday, Giambi still has power, and if some of our injury prone guys stay healthy we have a few more hits with them too.  Like I have said before our fielding really has never been a problem, but it has improved with the addition of Cabrera and if Sweeney stays healthy you will see some amazing centerfield heroics.  But, as we are all aware Duchscherer (Duke) has had some setbacks with his elbow and as the probable number 1 starter it is a bit worrisome.  Most likely he will end up starting the season on the DL and gradually working his way into being a reliever until his elbow issues are resolved and he can be the number one guy we intended him to be.  I also made you aware of a couple up and comers in Brett Anderson and Trevor Cahill who might surprise us and come to the bigs a little earlier than expected as well as Vin Mazzaro who has been with the A’s Triple A team the Rivercats.  There is a huge competition going on right now for a starting job.  One of my personal faves is Gio Gonzalez I would really like him to have chance and to see what happens. But we also have Edgar Gonzalez, Jerome Williams and Josh Outman.  This is where Spring Training can get a team and fans excited when there is an aspect of the game that is very questionable.  In three games Cahill has a 2.25 ERA, in four games Mazzaro hasn’t allowed a single run and Anderson has an ERA of 1.86 in four games.  Yes, I don’t know if any of those guys are going to be in the starting rotation or where in the rotation they might be but I must admit the queasiness I felt in my stomach a couple weeks ago has eased up significantly.  I just can’t wait to see who will be tossing to Suzuki come April. 

Another little gripe I have is one that involves the recent transactions the A’s have made. I can’t remember who told me this whether it was my Yankee fan friend or Dodger fan friend, but one of them said the A’s are turning into the Giants, acquiring old guys who can’t play.  Oh yah the A’s have sooooo many old guys.  The A’s have a great mix of young and old, and age is nothing but number if they can play.  Giambi not only still has power, and yes he can play first base, but he is a tremendous asset in the clubhouse.  While Chavy and Ellis show leadership by their play on the field, Giambi is outspoken and gets a team pumped before the game ever begins. This was something he could never do as a Yankee.  I would say we should do what the A’s did in the 70s and bring back the facial hair, but I’m afraid with our abundance of youngsters it might be a little difficult.  The A’s have been so lucky with the guys they have had on the team. We have had great veterans who are willing to do everything they can to not only  help the team now but help the rooks and the future of the Oakland A’s.

Rollie Fingers.jpgI don’t know about you but I am excited about the 2009 season. I have high hopes for the Oakland A’s but I think they are realistic.  I’m not going to worry about the future of where the organization might be I just pray that the team does what they need to do to keep them here, get the fans in the seats, and WIN!

To quote Gio Gonzalez, “A’s fan are great, great fans, I’m not a well known guy but they treat you like you have played there for 15 years.” 

With that, yes I say we and us when I talk about the A’s.  Some weirdoes say they don’t understand why people say we and us when talking about a sports team.  Well, let me tell you!  I grew up in absolute love with the Oakland A’s since birth, but primarily from about the age of 3 when I could in some ways comprehend what was going on.  I know I have devoted my time and my money to supporting the A’s.  It’s like having stock in a company, you are part owner and I think we have every right to say it’s our team, because it is.  We are true fans of the game. We have passion, and love for this game that can’t be matched by any other fans of any other sports.  As Baseball fans we understand the meaning of team and we know it is the only true American game (that just so happens to have caught on to the entire world).  So I will continue to say we and us whenever I talk about MY A’s and I suggest if you are a true fan of your team you do the same.