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It’s been awhile since I have written on here I did start a blog on blogspot but that didn’t last. Had ankle surgery etc so my time was spent doing other things.

I am so excited for the 2011 season. The AL West is the A’s to lose. I think it’s destiny … Moneyball comes out September 23rd and by then we should know that the A’s are headed to the playoffs.

Good things are to come…



Maybe this doesn’t apply to this off season quite yet but we always hear about athletes getting ridiculous salaries.  The one that stands out for me, being that I am from the Bay Area, is Barry Zito.  He might just be one of the most overpaid players in baseball right now, $126 million for 7 years!?!? For what??? In 2008 he had a dismal 10 wins, 5.15 ERA, in 32 games.  To many this may not look all that bad, well ok the 5.15 is a bit sketchy but still the numbers he had aren’t horrible they could be a lot worse. But are those numbers worth $126 million?  I mean he’s no Bob Gibson that’s for sure.  Ok lets go that route for a second what would he get with that 1.12 ERA if he played today? 

Anyway, why shouldn’t these athletes get paid what they do? The cast of friends earned
Baseball Salaries
 $1,000,000 per episode. For what??? Memorizing some lines?  What training does that involve? How many surgeries did they get for doing something that provides us all with entertainment? (Other than me because I never actually saw friends) 

Actors and musicians get paid just as much and more than athletes and all they do is provide us with entertainment.  They are just lucky enough not to have their salaries constantly discussed on national television.  If they fail and have a horrible movie we aren’t affected other than maybe providing us with a good way to fall asleep. But in sports if our “star” players chokes we take it personal, he made OUR team lose!

These athletes that we love and love to hate are away from their families for months at a time, they are constantly risking their bodies and are ridiculed for any wrong move they make. However, going back to actors and musicians they are seen as cool everytime they screw up and are allowed some great comeback. 

Stop the bitching and complaining about how much these guys get paid. Sit back, chill out, grab a beer and a Coliseum Dog and enjoy the game!  And if you say you would if a beer and hot dog didn’t cost so much and it wouldn’t cost so much if the players didn’t get paid what they do….I have 5 words for you….ALL YOU CAN EAT SECTION.

All You Can Eat Hotdogs 

 (Oakland Coliseum 3rd Deck behind Home plate….$35 all the hot dogs, soda, peanuts, popcorn, ice cream sandwiches and nachos you can eat until it’s all gone!)