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Wilhite to Throw First Pitch

Did I say I was back for good? Ok, maybe I lied. I’ve been a little busy, but ironically enough a lot of my time has been taken up with sports related activities.  Anyway…

Jon Wilhite, was the only survivor in the accident that killed rising star Nick Adenhart.  Wilhite will be throwing the first pitch at the A’s/Angel’s game Saturday, July 18th as a guest of Kurt Suzuki of the Oakland A’s. They went to the same college and have remained friends.

Wilhite, was seriously injured and is still going through therapy. He had an operation that consisted of reattaching his skull and spinal column.  He is definitely lucky to be alive.

If anyone is interested and able to make a monetary donation they can be made to the Wilhite Recovery Fund, account 3980643658, at any Wells Fargo branch, or to a tax deductible account set up through Manhattan Beach Little League by mailing a check to: Manhattan Beach Little League, P.O. Box 3512, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, with “Wilhite Recovery Fund” on the memo line.

Just thought I would put that out there for those of you unaware of this.  Obviously finances are tight these days but any little bit helps.  It’s a good Karma boost, and I’m always for a little of that.


When Wins and Losses Don’t Matter

Don’t get me wrong I’m still excited the A’s won and in glorious fashion. But in the end I can’t stop thinking about how I just saw Nick Adenhart pitch last night and within hours and while I was sound asleep he was killed. 

There was so much promise.  If the Angels had a pen they could rely on he would have had him a win last night. 

As much as we love to hate our division rivals it’s times like these that show us in the end its all in fun. 

This was a huge loss for Angels fans and for baseball fans in general.  We feel connected to these guys. More than any sport I feel baseball players make themselves very accessible and we feel as though we do know them. Many of us have had the opportunity to talk with our favorite ball players. It’s very sad that we miss out on seeing Adenhart’s progression and we will never know what could have been.

The game must go on, no matter how hard it might be.  My condolences go out to the entire Angels family and their fans, and especially to all of those that were important to Nick.


4wmaSqmB.jpg“It’s difficult for all of us in the baseball family,” Girardi said. “You dream your whole life about playing in the big leagues, you make your first start and have a good start and then it’s over.” – Joe Girardi (Yankees Manager)