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One More Week!

Well, I say it time and time again but now that I have a  new computer I may actually be more into blogging. Maybe I will make it a point to blog at least once a week. We shall see what happens. I know I enjoyed it when I did it on the daily.

I don’t know about you but I am excited for this baseball season. The American League West will likely be another fight to the very end. But I see no reason why my A’s can’t once again come out on top.

My personal baseball goal is to get my boyfriend to realize the greatness that is the Oakland A’s and realize that Baseball is still pure just with a few bad seeds. My Oakland A’s are a perfect example of what is so great about baseball. I’ve persuaded many and I don’t see why I can’t do it again.

Well that is all for now! Here’s to a great baseball season!!!!

Lets Go Oakland!!!!!!!!



I am lame…

So it’s about time I actually did start writing on my blog again. So much has been going on with the A’s. I do a lot of chatting on twitter and there are a lot of great baseball fans on there. So I will say I will start writing more … at least once a week. I have had so much going on lately and it’s so hard to just turn on the computer sometimes. I don’t spend to much time on here, but my blog has received decent attention. I don’t claim to be the smartest when it comes to baseball but what I do know is that I am a real fan. I love baseball. I love my Oakland A’s. My goal is to single handedly show the greatness that is the Oakland A’s and show that fans do have the ability to do something. We spend so much time blaming ownership or making up statistics to make it seem as though it’s someone elses fault, but the simple fact is the A’s just don’t draw a crowd, no matter how great they have been in the past. So here is the beginning of what is going to be something great. <–Someday someone is going to quote that. :o)

Oakland A’s Caravan

Well, I haven’t written in quite some time. Had a fun surgery…

GROSSNESS.JPGBut yesterday I went to Stoneridge mall in Pleasanton California and met Brett Anderson and Trevor Cahill. Cahill looks even younger in person. They were very nice and let me take a picture of them. Brad Ziegler has still got to be the overall nicest ‘A’ I have met to date but these guys were great as well.

A's Caravan 2010.JPG