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That’s Why You Don’t Talk To Boys About Sports….

As many of you know one of the GREATEST baseball players of all time and possiblly the GREATEST Oakland Athletic to ever play the game was inducted in the Hall of Fame this year. You might have heard of him, he goes by the name RICKEY HENDERSON. He’s so proud of his name he would even call himself Rickey!

I don’t need to get into all the details because we all know he was great. The purpose of this blog is really just a vindication and to show how stupid some people are.

Now I’m not some wild crazy feminist, quite the contrary, I pretty much loathe women like that. 

So here’s what happened. I was talking to a friend on the phone and he proceeded to rip into Rickey and say he is only in the HOF because of stealing bases yada yada yada and he wasn’t even an Oakland A for long. I was like “WHAT?” He was signed by the A’s and played in the organization for years before going to the Yanks then coming back to the A’s then later in his career he spent a minute with the Mets, Angels, Dodgers and maybe 5 minutes with the Padres.

RICKEY'S HANDS SLIDINGThen get this!?!? You will just die!!!!



But you know when someone sounds so confident about what they are saying and you know you are right but you still look it up anyway. He said google it! I was like dude I’m on baseball reference and he was only with the Mets like a year. Then he said GOOGLE IT. Dude!!!! I’m on baseball-reference…seriously?


Don’t try to tell me about my A’s and one of my favorite players ever to play the game….you will get owned!

So guys next time you want to argue with a chick about sports, make sure you get your facts straight. You know you don’t wanna lose to a girl! (but they usually do.)


Rickey Henderson Teams (as a Player)

1979-1984 Oakland Athletics

1985-1989 New York Yankees

1989-1993 Oakland Athletics

1993 Toronto Blue Jays

1994-1995 Oakland Athletics

1996-1997 San Diego Padres

1997 Anaheim Angels

1998 Oakland Athletics

1999-2000 New York Mets

2000 Seattle Mariners

2001 San Diedgo Padres

2002 Boston Red Sox

2003 Los Angeles Dodgers





Baseball Season Is Finally Here

I’m back in full force, about a week and a half late.  Just to get it out of the way there was some Baseball/Blog drama going on in my life so my motivation was pretty much in the toilet. But I’m back brushing all the B.S aside and doing what I have come to enjoy.  Whether I have one person read my blog or one thousand it doesn’t really matter.

I went to the home opener at Oakland Coliseum, or I guess I should say Oakland-Alameda Coliseum or some form of that.  It was a nice event. There was an engagement, which made me happy and a tad bit depressed. Where are all the good baseball lovin’ boys at anyway? 

As many of you probably have been made aware of four of Oakland’s finest were murdered and they were celebrated.  A cap was placed on the mound representing each of the fallen officers, and they also brought their motorcycles out on the field.  It was a very nice gesture to a horrible event.  I must admit my eyes did fill up with tears. Then the National Anthem was very fittingly sung by a police officer and there was also a moment of silence for the officers as well as Nick Adenhart. 

Now to the game…

The A’s lost! 

The A’s had the bases loaded three times and they couldn’t get anyone home. This is becoming a common occurrence, if a guy gets on third he is definitely not coming in, if a guy is on second it’s 50/50, but if a guy is on first he has like a 75% chance of coming home with one crack of the bat.  And the A’s don’t score early; they like to wait around until about the seventh inning for any real action.  I guess they like to just keep us on the edge of our seats, which they do, but I’d like to be a little more relaxed in the later innings, ala the Eck years.

I was stoked to see Brett Anderson pitch, it was a little bitter sweet, because the only reason he pitched that day was because the previous game was postponed to mourn the loss of Angel’s pitcher Nick Adenhart.  But he pitched pretty well.  He was a little crazy. He is known to have pretty good control of his pitches, but that night he was a bit off.  Still not a bad job though, not bad at all.

I know many of you are anti-The Wave! But WE originated it, and so it began. The bleachers were trying to get it started a good 10 times or so before it actually started to go around the entire stadium it went around a good 5 or 6 times, people were cheering and totally pumped.  A line drive was hit and Ellis jumps up and makes a miraculous catch; The Power of the Wave!

As I said before the A’s did lose, but it was a great game none the less. They really should have won though because the Mariners pitching wasn’t looking good at all and they had a couple errors and the fielding was mediocre to say the least. But being at the ballpark is one of the greatest experiences a person can have so I was a happy camper either way.


100 Percent Back(hopefully this picture comes through for some reason on my work computer pictures are to big but on my home computer the pictures turn out correctly anyway…here is the Cement Beauty we call Oakland Coliseum!)

Did I fail to mention the A’s ended up getting swept by the M’s? The season is still early I still have high hopes for the greatest organization in the bay area, my Oakland Athletics.

Don’t forget to tune into ESPN tonight…A’s v. Yankees!!!!! 

Let’s hope for a mauling like the Indians had on the Yankees, which would be fabulous!