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Red Sox…Love Them or Love Them Not

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Now I know I have been somewhat put through the baseball ringer over my Real Women Don’t Wear Pink blog. I still believe the pink and baby blue caps make absolutely no sense, I know why they are sold I am a marketer (as I said before I have the degree and everything.)  But it has been evident that it has been most often one fan that always seems to have something to say…the Red Sox Fan.  Now I know the ones I have come across on here have given me some hope for the Red Sox fan, however let me tell you my experience with what I would call the California Red Sox fan. 

The California Red Sox fan likes to reap the benefits of the perfect California weather the ability to go to a game reasonably cheap and the freedom of this great country to say how great Boston is (whether they have ever been there or not.)


Now I try to go to a good twenty to thirty games per season, I tend to go most Saturday and Sundays when possible.  So I do go to my fair share of games and I have been too many Boston and Oakland games, regular and post season and there is a common theme I would have to say at each and every game, win or lose for either side.  California Boston Red Sox fans cause nothing but trouble.


I am talking about this from a California stand point.  Boston Red Sox fans born and raised in Massachusetts that truly bleed the Boston colors might be amazing, but if that is the case you need to whip these California people into shape because they are giving your team and fans a bad name. It would be great to go to one Boston v. Oakland game and not hear and see Red Sox fans causing trouble. 


One of the worst times I had was at the 2003 ALDS game 5 Boston v. Oakland.  It’s a great day, Zito is pitching!  I’m with my boyfriend at the time so the day is going well. And really the entire day was great because I was at a baseball game but when I say ‘one of the worst times I had’ I mean one of the worst times I had involving the California Red Sox fan.  As we all know there are those of us who just enjoy the game and want to be sober to enjoy the day and there are those of us who are willing to spend money on tickets and three times as much on beer.  So there are these two guys behind me decked out in their Boston hats and jerseys’, (but I must give them credit, they weren’t pink), drinking beer like there was no end.  It is the 6th inning; I already had in the back of my mind if Zito can get past this inning we got this! And as we all know Baseball superstitions are the worst in sports and you might think something but you never say it then here comes my boyfriend (now my ex), “IT’S THE 6TH INNING, ZITO S***S IN THE 6TH!” I precede to smack him on the shoulder as any good girlfriend in her right mind would do and then one run scores, two runs score, three runs score, Damon gets knocked silly, ambulance comes, four runs score.  Now, I am just a chick at a big game wanting to enjoy it and the guys behind me (the Boston Fans) are going crazy, cussing getting in my face as well as other hardcore A’s fans then they lean in and both guys with beer in hand fall on me and people are trying to pick them up but they are making it very difficult.  All they say is “damn, we’re drunk! hehehe” (in that Beevis sort of way).  And that I can get past, whatever, drunk guys ok no biggy.  Then after the Red Sox win and we are bummed but me being the person I am think ok next season.  But then we hear all this commotion and see Red Sox fans (this was known because they were wearing Red Sox gear), were bashing in car windows of people that had A’s stuff on their car.   We had to wait around for over an hour, people were standing around in shock because this was going on (in the main parking lot.)  It actually got to a point where it was a little scary and I was hoping my car was not involved in this massacre.  It wasn’t, and all was good except for the impression I was left with for the (California) Boston Fan.


Ted Williams
[One of the most honorable men to ever put on a baseball uniform, and one of if not my favorite ballplayer in the history of the game.]


Now on a much happier note, while at a Yankee v. A’s game there were a group of Yankee fans that came in to town (from New York) and they were the absolute nicest people and exchanged their numbers and emails with other A’s fans.  And each side expressed how much respect they have for each other’s organization.


Some may say I am trying to beat around the bush not to get Boston fans to mad because I am saying California Boston fan, but I say it for a reason.  California Yankee fans are no better


So maybe if any of you true Boston fans (Julia or Bob for instance) want to come enjoy the beautiful state of California and catch a game to prove once and for all that Boston fans are not only loyal but good people I will be more than happy to buy the tickets! Then write a blog about the Greatness that is the Boston Red Sox fan!


Side Note: I don’t come here to stir things up just to express my opinions and what I see at a baseball game. Trust me, I have enough to say about an Oakland A’s fan or so called fan.  I love the game of baseball, I respect the fans and all of the organizations (for the most part), but what fun would it be if we all got along all of the time.