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I’m Back … For Real This Time!

I know I’ve been M.I.A. especially since I used to write multiple blogs each day.  But is it that much of a surprise that I missed the entire month of May.  I love the A’s win or lose but sometimes it’s just so difficult to write about so many losses. 

But June is a new month!  It’s only the 13th of June and the A’s already had a nice 7 game win streak. I just hope they get another one soon. 

I was completely stoked about Vin Mazzaro and Timmy Boy last night.  Mazzaro pitched well except for that one inning but Lincecum has been around now for a couple seasons. Mazzaro will be there soon enough. Watch out for A’s pitching over the next couple seasons, soon enough you will be saying Lincecum Who?  Just trust me on this one, and remember you heard it first on Girly Baseball Chick!

I don’t know if anyone here collects baseball cards, but one reason I have not been writing much on my blog is because I got hooked on a card collecting community on BlogTv.  So go there and look up some of the top box breakers like TheTruth17, NHLinSeattle, GmanTD2 and you will find many more.  Be a nerd like me and go there! (you can also find them on YouTube.)

That’s all for now, my little introduction back to the blog world. 

There will be great things to come, I promise!