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ESPN: East Coast Bias? DUHHHHHH!

ESPNFirst of all I need to thank my new East Coast friend George for giving me the idea for this blog. I had expressed my opinion on the issue and he later mentioned this topic to me for a blog. I was having a little dry spell, maybe I shouldn’t write more than one blog in a day but now that it’s been a few days I am back in the swing of things.  Not to mention a slight depression now that Obama is our President but that’s beside the point.  Time will tell on that one but one thing I know for certain is that ESPN has an annoyingly obvious East Coast bias.

I can’t even say ESPN without wanting to scream!  For one, that station has produced wackadoodles like this:

Kieth Olberman is StupidIf anyone actually believes there is no East Coast bias you are either a Yankee Fan, a Boston Red Sox fan, or deaf.  If you aren’t one of those three things then you are probably just stupid.  I don’t mean to offend any of you but hey I just call em’ like I see em’. 

I can’t count how many times the A’s have completely killed the Yankees or the Red Sox and I stay up to see what they have to say about the A’s.  All they usually say is A’s won, then they go into a long story about how the Yankees were having an off day or Jeter had a hang nail or something so that was probably why he couldn’t hit or something ridiculous like that.  All we hear is Yankees this and Red Sox that. It’s getting really old. But it doesn’t get any better for the A’s in California.  A’s could have won 20-2 and then the Giants could have lost and the entire front page of any paper is all about the Giants and one little corner dedicated to the A’s.  No matter how good another team does if they were against the Yankees or Red Sox they are completely ignored.

Now if the Yankees or Boston actually win then it’s an entire segment on those two teams.  There are more baseball players than Derek Jeter, A-Rod, and Big Papi.  I get it you’re in Connecticut but do you even know what you are talking about? I am sure living in Connecticut you are engulfed with Boston and New York, if you knew what you were talking about maybe you could branch out and discuss other teams.  Even the Angels don’t even get talked about and they were pretty awesome last season.


ESPN BLOGReally, I guess I should say it’s a Boston Red Sox and New York Yankee bias because I don’t recall them talking much about the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies or the Tampa Bay Rays.  But what do I care? I don’t watch ESPN anymore anyway.  Thankfully we have the MLB network and when Ricky Henderson was named into the Hall of Fame I got to see the 1989 post season all over again.  It was just as sweet now as it was then when I was 8 years old.

But if I have to say something nice about ESPN I do ‘kinda’ get a kick out of Mike and Mike in the Morning.   But if that’s the best ESPN can come up with it’s not saying much.  So unless you like 24 hour Yankees and Red Sox turn the channel, Fox Sports isn’t half bad at least they don’t appear to have their lips permanently attached to any one teams @$$.

GO A’S!!!! 

Also, go ahead and google ESPN east coast bias and see what comes up, even ESPN admits to their bias. 

So there it is we all know it, they know it, I guess we just have to live with it.