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On a Lighter Note…

perfect date.jpgSo, basically my perfect guy would pretty much love baseball as much as I do.  The perfect first date for me is totally going to an A’s game, hands down.  I found a list that expresses what is so great about dating a baseball player.





20 Reasons to Date a Baseball Player

20. They peak their best in the Spring, but they’ll play all year long.

19. They know how to use their bats.

18. They know how to sacrifice for the team.

17. They prep the field before they get started, and clean it after they’re done.

16. Only the best play.

15. They’re not done until someone scores.

14. They’re taught to try to hit it into the gaps.

13. They love to get down and dirty.

12. They’re used to going back to back doubleheaders.

11. They do it morning, day and night.

10. They are great with their hands.

9. They’re used to scoring no matter what base they’re on.

8. They have tremendous endurance.

7. They carry a big stick.

6. They don’t stop until the job is done, and there can always be extra innings.

5. They like to touch every base carefully.

4. They like to hit it hard.

3. They take the extra base if they can get it.

2. They slide into home really hard.

1. They can do it in all 9 positions.

Sounds pretty good to me!  Now I just need to find a guy that plays baseball, A, AA, AAA, doesn’t really matter.  Guess I need to start hanging out at the ballpark.

I haven’t posted a blog in a few days so I just thought I would come back with a little bit of humor eventhough it is very true.


GO A’S!!!!!