Hate Is Not A Strong Word

I hate how people say hate is such a strong word. If you hate something you hate it, those are your feelings. It’s not like you would kill someone you hate, some crackhead might but not you. So here I go my Top 6 most hated players in Baseball. It was going to be 5 but I just can’t eliminate any one of these guys from my list. I want to hear yours too, they don’t have to be because they have horrible numbers they could be for selfish reasons like you just get a feeling that you wouldn’t like them if you met them or they gave someone a dirty look or whatever the case may be.

My List

6. Bernie Williams – Yah I know you Yankee people love this dude. blah blah blah.  But I’d like to slap that mole right off his face. Learn from Enrique! Stick to the music.

Bernie Williams.jpg5. Juan Gonzalez – Well for awhile the Rangers were on top and a major rival of the Oakland A’s and he seriously annoyed the crap out of me.  That’s a good enough reason right? If I never hear Juan Gone again I will have heard it to soon. 

Juan Gone.jpg4. Jay BuhnerHonestly, I just liked nothing about this guy. I didn’t like looking at him, I just couldn’t stand him.  Of course he was also on a division rival to the A’s but there was just something about this guy. Yah, he was pretty good with a bat but he did strike out a lot. 

jay buhner.jpg 
3. K-“I’m a D*uche” Rod – Need I say why? But wasn’t it beautiful when he dropped the ball and Jason Kendall ran home and won the game!  That guy (Kendall) knows the game, I can’t even count how many heads up plays he made. But as enjoyable as it was to see K-rod screw up it didn’t happen often enough. Now the National League can deal with him.

krod1.jpg2. A.J. Pierzynski – One word…A**hole!  And I love when I hear Ray Fosse announcing, he totally feels that A.J. gives catchers a bad name.  This guy is such a dong! I know thats not very girly and lady like but come on do you blame me?


1. John Lackey – I can’t stand looking at this guy, I don’t care how good of a pitcher is. No players pisses me off more than this guy.  He stares down every batter, and I know at least with the A’s he likes to hit them all the time. I loved once again when Jason Kendall punched him in the head.  How someone becomes such a dick I have no idea!  He is a guy that thinks his “$**t don’t stink”, his last day in baseball will be a day I party like I never partied before and you are all invited.

John Lackey.jpgSo there is my top 5 turned into 6 so I want to know from you who you can’t stand in baseball.  It doesn’t have to be limited to players but these 6 drive me crazy!  Bernie Williams is ok but he just rubs me the wrong way.  Honestly my #1 should be Bud Selig but I will just go off and no one wants to read any more about Bud Selig.

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  1. roshkoch

    HAHAHA! WOW! This blog is priceless. Although I am one of the Yankees who love Bernie and am glad to see him back in baseball, even if just for a few moments, I really enjoyed reading this one. You have about as much hate for these guys, yet respect for their talent, as I do with that crummy Boston pitcher. I tried typing his name, but it made me vomit a little inside my mouth. Kudos to you for your pure, unadulterated hatred!

    Rosh Koch : http://roshkoch.mlblogs.com

  2. levelboss

    LOL!!!! HEE-LARIOUS blog entry!

    “This guy is such a dong! I know thats not very girly and lady like..”

    funny! (i’m surprised you didn’t put A-Rod and Manny on your list o hate)

  3. sportsmed221

    Another Great Blog from my favorite Baseball loving lady!!! Can’t say I agree with ya on Bernie (you know I’m a Yankee fan! LOL) It’s always entertaining to hear your rants!! =)

    My top 5 —
    1) Manny Ramirez – the most selfish player in baseball – I don’t question his talent just his ego.
    2) Pedro Martinez – Who’s your Daddy Pedro?! Enough said.
    3) Gary Sheffield – Just shut up!!!!!! (I know he was a former Yankee but I’m glad he’s gone!)
    4) Ozzie Guilen – I’m not impressed with his coaching – To opinionated and out spoken – I’m surprised his players haven’t revolted against him thus far.
    5) K-Rod – I just plain agree with you there!

    Lunch break is over – loved the blog beautiful!!! =)

  4. Lissi

    1) Derek Jeter- He just bugs me. Maybe not a good reason but I just can’t stand him.
    2) A-Fraud- He’s a whiny baby who lies.
    3) Barry Bonds- He’s a pompous jerk who lies.
    4) Milton Bradley- Bad attitude.
    5) Coco Crisp- Bad attitude again.
    6) Gary Sheffield- He is full of himself and stuff I am not allowed to say on here. 🙂

  5. rockymountainway

    There’s only one player who is still playing who bothers me and that’s the Boston closer Pap… I won’t finish. I don’t like his taunting and acting like a child when he doesn’t get his strike called. Yes he’s talented but comes across way too full of himself.

  6. roshkoch

    Hahaha, if you don’t tell Julia about me turning on the hate again, I’ll give you my list. But after that you ought to go check out my response to Mark’s hate post:

    5. John Rocker – Do we really need a reason to hate him? He hates everything himself.

    4. Kevin Youkalis – HE IS UGLY! His face could scare children.

    3. Dustin Pedroia – I don’t care how good he is, he annoys me.

    2. Jonathon Papelbon – He has a tiny mouth. It looks like he sucked on a tube of Prep-H

    And there is no surprise here:

    1. Josh Beckett – I hated him in 2003. Then he was traded to Boston. The hate burst up into flames. I respect his talent, but I hate him.

    Rosh // http://roshkoch.mlblogs.com

  7. xcicix

    1. The Dodgers. HATE THEM!
    2. Tim Lincecum. He did not deserve the Cy Young.
    3. Manny. He is annoying and greedy!
    4. Omar Minaya. Annoying and stupid!
    5. Scott Boras. GREEDY x100000000000!
    6. Jamie Moyer. He throws pitches at peoples heads all the time and no one cares! And he’s too old to pitch he’s 46! And he has a big mouth.

  8. levelboss

    LOL, wow Rosh, how do you really feel? 4 Red Sox? were you even trying to seem impartial?

    “[Jonathon Papelbon] He has a tiny mouth. It looks like he sucked on a tube of Prep-H”

    lol, i hate when does his scowl.. cinco-ocho tries to stare down batters i think

  9. roshkoch

    Levelboss, I can’t help it. Those are the guys who really irk my bird. #6 would be ALL of the Cubs fans who brag about being a loveable loser, but cry about losing. #7 Is any fan of a NY, Boston, LA, or Chicago team who cries about the Yankees “buying” big players. their teams ALL do it too. We’re just better at it.

    On a side note, I DO like Papi. I can tolerate Francona. I don’t mind Lowell or Drew. I root for Ellsbury (except versus the Yanks). BUT DONT TELL ANYONE!!!

    Actually, this gives me a blog idea ….

    Rosh Koch // http://roshkoch.mlblogs.com

  10. thekfny28

    6 hated players? That’s difficult. I’m gonna have to go with 5 instead, cause I don’t hate many players. Here it goes anyways.

    5. John Lackey – I just hate looking at his face when he pitches. He looks like some sort of donkey/human crossover.

    4. Ian Kennedy – This guy really puzzles me. He’ll make a start, pitch two innings, give up 17,000 runs, and then he’ll still think he’s a very capable big league pitcher. He’s full of himself.

    3. Dustin Pedroia – Cocky, overrated, ugly.

    2. Kevin Youkilis – Ugly, overrated, and cocky.

    1. Josh Beckett – He’s a very overrated guy who is supposedly a Yankee killer.

    • girlybaseballchick

      So, I’m guessing you love the Red Sox? am I wrong? hehe. And a town about 10 miles from me is where Pedroia’s brother lives he’s in trouble for molesting kids. So hopefully he isn’t to cocky because apparently his family is screwed up. My yankee fan friend hates Beckett witih a passion. Does anyone actually like Lackey? He is like on everyones list. There are players I’m not exactly fans of which Bernie probably still falls into that category but I had to add him as the 6th man because everytime I see him I just get annoyed. hehe. But I know the Yankee fans love him. Whatever! :O)

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